Reader reviews – The Subtle Knife By Philip Pullman

///Reader reviews – The Subtle Knife By Philip Pullman
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The Subtle Knife
Author: Philip Pullman

This book is the second in the series of His Dark Materials, by Philip Pullman. Out of the first two – Northern Lights and The Subtle Knife, I by far enjoyed the second. This book starts off by telling the story of a young boy, named Will. After asking a neighbour to look after his mother (who has problems) he accidentally kills a burglar before stepping through a magical window into another dimension, and finds a strange, abandoned city. He soon finds another girl named Lyra, who was the main character of the first book. The story continues and is mainly about their adventures together. The Subtle Knife ends on a cliff hanger just before a great war begins. I am definitely going to read the final book. As well as the complex and interesting storyline, the writing and vocabulary is some of the best I have encountered. I loved reading this book, and strongly encourage you to do the same. I rate The Subtle Knife 5 stars!

JG Lyons, aged 11

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