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Reading Force brings you closer together

Whether your family is at home together or apart because of deployment, training, or distance, reading the same book, talking about it and sharing your thoughts, and making a scrapbook is fun for everyone and will be a shared experience you will always remember.

Reading Force is free for all Forces families, Reserves, Cadets, and Ex-Forces families. It is fun and easy to take part. Friends can participate too.

“It was nice to sit down as a family and read the book. It was also nice that my daughter could email family members back in the UK and talk about the book. We enjoyed thinking of different activities we could do for our scrapbook and had lots of fun doing activities.”

Families new to Reading Force


Families coming back to Reading Force


“We like that this is an activity both Evelyn and I can do when she misses her daddy…

…when he goes to work. It takes her mind off of daddy being away from her and we can have fun putting our scrapbook together. When Evelyn’s daddy comes home from camp in the evenings we have something to show him as he always asks us about our day.”

The Cozens family