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Commons Select Committee Enquiry into Adult Literacy 2014-15  

Committee calls for national campaign on adult literacy and numeracy.
On UN International Literacy Day (8 September), the Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) Select Committee publishes a video and report recommending the Government launch a high-profile campaign to tackle the alarmingly low levels of adult literacy and numeracy in England

Download the report Reading Force is referenced on page 37 and included in Appendix

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Academic Papers

Baverstock, A. et al (2021)

‘What Were the Processes and Outcomes of Offering Shared Reading as an Intervention for Veterans in Prison?’ LOGOS 32/3 (2021)

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Baverstock, A. (2021)

‘What were the processes and associated impact of enabling Education students to increase their awareness of the specific educational issues of Service families?’ Education 3-13, 50-6, July 2022

Link to Abstract

Baverstock, A.(2016)

‘What are the barriers to reaching Forces families and to evaluating the impact of working with them? Assessing the effectiveness of Reading Force, a programme to promote shared reading within the Forces community’, Logos Volume: 27-4 (2016)

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Baverstock, A. and Gordon, H. (2013)

‘Reading Force: can an experience of shared reading be used as a conduit to effective communication within both Services families and their wider communities?’
Children in War: The International Journal of Evacuee and War Child Studies, 1(10), pp. 77-88 ISSN (print) 1745-7211

Baverstock, A.(2013)

‘Reading Force: practice as research in the context of a shared reading project for Armed Forces families’, Logos Volume: 24-3 (2013)

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Baverstock, A. (2013)

‘Promoting Shared Reading within Military Families: The Benefits and Barriers of Reading Force’, Journal of Military Experience, Volume 2

Papers given at conferences

Baverstock, A. (2022)

‘How working on shared-reading with veterans in Northern Ireland improved connectivity. Forces in Mind Conference, Westminster, 24.03.22.

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