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It’s free and easy for your organisation to receive Reading Force scrapbooks to give to Forces families

If you work in a HIVE, welfare office, preschool, school, Service children’s club, community group, local library, or charity and work with Forces children and their families, Reading Force complements your pastoral support perfectly. All you need to do is allocate one person to become a Reading Force Ambassador and register with us to order your materials.

Whilst Reading Force is primarily for families to enjoy at home, you are well placed to encourage and support families to take part by giving out our free scrapbooks and leaflets.

Once your organisation has registered, we’ll send you a free Reading Force Resources Pack

This includes specially designed scrapbooks and stickers for Forces children and families, and a poster and brochure for your staff working with Forces children. Some of our resources to help you promote Reading Force can also be downloaded on our Resources page.

Once you’ve given families scrapbooks, they can complete them at home and then choose themselves if they’d like to enter the Reading Force Scrapbook Competition (via Freepost). They will receive a special certificate and book. We return all scrapbooks to families by registered post for them to keep as a special memento.



“Parents have told us it’s a brilliant tool for the weekends and holidays, and that the children love receiving the books in the post. One child said ‘It’s like Christmas!’”

Jo Jenkins, Jack and Jill’s Childcare Area Coordinator

“Parents frequently ask for suggestions of activities which they can do with their children when their spouse/partner is deployed away from home. It is a pleasure to be able to suggest using the Reading Force scrapbooks which offer fun activities for the whole family. Everyone I know who has used Reading Force has thoroughly enjoyed the experience.”

Moira Leslie, The Royal Caledonian Education Trust

“It has been lovely to see families sharing books together. We invite parents in for a chat, and send the scrapbooks home with them. Some of our dads spend the best part of two years away and they’ve read on a Kindle while the kids at home read the book. Every time a parent is preparing to deploy, I send a scrapbook and leaflet home. I think it’s brilliant, I’ve seen the benefit, and I’m doing a scrapbook with my own son.”

Tricia Monks, Military Kids Club, Parc Eglos Primary School

“Reading Force had a very positive impact on the Forces families who took part…

…encouraging the sharing of books with family members. Our Service Families Support Worker supported the children through this venture and we are as a school are really excited about encouraging participation in Reading Force in future years.”

Jackie Sankey, Headteacher, Harestock Primary School, Winchester