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Welcome back…

We hope you and your family enjoyed doing Reading Force. Did you know you can continue to take part and receive more books and scrapbooks? You might want to do another scrapbook when you next experience a deployment, move home, or during the school holidays – it’s up to you. Just click on the orange button to complete the form and we’ll get your next book and scrapbook in the post.

If you want some ideas on books to buy or look out for in the library, check out our recommended reads page. We also post book recommendations on our social media and have spot book giveaways, so follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We love to see your feedback and photos on our social media too!

Not all Forces families know about Reading Force so please tell a friend who you think might like to take part – most of our participating families discover Reading Force through word of mouth recommendations.

“Our group really enjoyed filling my daughter’s scrapbook. We loved reading these books together with our family and friends. We are going to do this again!”

The Burns family