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We want to help your Forces family get started by sending you a free book

Getting a new book feels great – all those pages waiting to be read and experienced by you! That’s why we want to give you a book to keep when you join Reading Force. And so you can personalise it, we’ll include a special bookplate for you to write your name on.

You can claim your free book on the ‘Join Reading Force’ form or send off the postcard inside your scrapbook, you just need to tell us how you are connected to the British Forces. Once you’ve received your book, you might decide to make it your Reading Force book or you can pick one of your own favourites – it’s your choice.

If your family or friends want a copy of the book they could borrow one from the library, or get an e-book.  If a family member is deployed then let us know on the form and we’ll try and send them a copy of your Reading Force book too.


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