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“Miles away but we could share this together”…

We welcome the military community in its broadest sense: serving, reservist, veterans and their families, including those separated by divorce or relationship breakdown and Service families who have sadly been bereaved. Reading Force can work particularly well when military families are separated, whoever is temporarily away – mums or dads. Reading Force works whatever the circumstance, however long or short term a particular situation may last. Just like the military community, we are flexible.

Watch how Reading Force helped the Broome Family

Watch how Reading Force helped the Broome Family

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Put shared reading at the Heart of your Family

One of the best things about reading books is sharing and talking about them with family and friends – and if you have a family member or friend in the Armed Forces then Reading Force is for you! Whether your loved ones are at home or away, all can get involved.

Doing Reading Force is especially beneficial for children and parents separated by deployment or training and can help with staying bonded, connected and keeping continuity by having a story to share and chat about. So join the fun and sign up to receive your free book and special scrapbook. It’s free and easy – and brings families and friends closer together.

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