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The Eye of Minds
Author: James Dashner

Imagine a video game – so real that it blurs the line between reality and the virtual world. Imagine a video game with so many players that almost everyone in the world is always online. Imagine a video game which makes your nerves feel pleasure – and pain. Welcome to the VirtNet, a world with thousands of games, billions of players.

But there is only one game that interests Michael. Lifeblood. In other words, real life. Real life in a game. The single difference between the real world and lifeblood is this: when you die you respawn. That is what makes it so popular – risks are nothing. You steal a car, or break into a house – worst comes to worst, you will Lift out of your coffin, ready to start another life.

For Michael, this game is his passion. It’s all he does. His aim has been clear since he became old enough to play – progress to the final, seemingly impossible level – Lifeblood Deep.

And then the VirtNet Police (VNS) come for him. They (in a forceful manner) bundle him into a car and take him to a woman known as Agent Weber.

She explains his mission – to stop Kaine, the dangerous gamer killing people and breaking many VirtNet laws. To do this he has to follow what people know as a myth as the Path, accompanied by his two friends, Bryson and Sarah. His quest starts off familiar, and he is unworried by the consequences.

Then his friends die, and his core, the connection between real life and VirtNet is ripped out. At that point, if he dies, he dies for real. Will he make it to the secret final level, the Hallowed Ravine, or will he die in the VirtNet, but with his core ripped out – so for real.

I rate this book 4 stars out of 5. It has two others in the series and they are better than the first. If you liked this, don’t miss them!

Leah, aged 12

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