"We were impressed by the support Reading Force is giving those Service families dealing with the challenges of separation and by the simple premise that chatting about a book helps parents and children remain connected"

- Jane Harsham, Sustainability Manager for Annington

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The challenges faced by military families are often underestimated; frequent moves of home and school, having to say goodbye to friends and extended family, and the emotional strain of having a parent working in a war zone.

How Reading Force works:

  • Families are encouraged to read books together, at home with each other, or while a loved one is deployed or away on training
  • If separated, books can be read and chatted about via Skype and Facetime
  • The whole family can get involved, as well as friends
  • Families also receive Reading Force scrapbooks to fill with thoughts, photographs and drawings about the story they’re sharing, and they can enter our scrapbook competitions

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Become a corporate sponsor and help Reading Force support British Forces families, like the Broome family in this video.

Talking about books and stories connects families who are separated, as well as providing bonding time when together at home – this supports wellbeing, builds resilience, and creates shared memories.

  • Reading Force brings Forces families closer together through shared reading
  • It’s like a book club for the whole family and a way to bond and connect

Reading Force is available free of charge to ALL British military families, Army, Navy & Marines, and RAF, including Reservists and veterans.

Why we need corporate sponsorship

We are a charity and rely solely on grants and our supporters to fund the Reading Force initiative.

If you would like to be a corporate sponsor for a charity that supports British Armed Forces – choose Reading Force.

Your generosity will enable us to provide Reading Force to British Forces families.

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