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A resource for teens and young people

Reading Force has grown up alongside the toddlers we first gave scrapbooks to. We’ve listened to teens who have been asking us for a resource a bit different to the scrapbook – and this is it…

This journal is more than a place to write or draw about a book. It’s a place where teens can express their thoughts and feelings – about books they are reading and about how they are feeling day to day. There are pages for their unique experience of being a Forces child, pages to get down what they would like to say to someone they are missing, and much more.

“A massive thank you from Rhiannon she was made up to receive this book today and has already started reading it. She is also totally in love with the reading journal and loves the anime, as a budding artist she said it looks incredible.”

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Made by teens for teens – how was it created?

We were lucky enough to work with a fantastic group of teens to create the kind of resource they want to use. They wanted the journal to be a place to write or draw about book(s), but also where they can freely express their feelings – about how the book and characters make them feel, what they would say to someone in their own life they are missing, or their experience of being a Forces child.  

They made lots of suggestions ranging from the size of the journal to inspirational quotes and eye-catching illustrations, many of which the group created themselves. They designed the emojis for military kids which we have turned into stickers, and also came up with the great title of the journal, Life of a Page Turner, and they wanted Mandarin characters on the cover to reference the ancient history of reading in China.

Sharing thoughts on the book

We love to hear what young people think of the books they’re reading, and share their thoughts with others, so at the back of the journal there’s a pocket with a book-review page. Send us a picture of it to 07566 200 299 and we’ll post it on our special Instagram page.

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Reading Force would like to say a very big thank you to the wonderful group of young people and the AWS Youth Coordinator’s, who made this journal possible.

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“I found the journal very interesting, the stickers and the theme of the book are perfect…

…It’s calming as well as artistic, it helps take my mind off my worries as well as a space for me to write down my feelings and worries: one of the days I was feeling overwhelmed, being able to draw in this journal really did help.”

Armed Forces young person, aged 13