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Organisations working with service families


If you work in a HIVE, welfare office, school, pre-school, HMS Heroes group, community group, local library, or charity and work with Service children and their families, you can encourage them to take part in Reading Force. Although the actual activity is for Service children and their families, the information and encouragement provided by supporting organisations is vital.

It’s free and easy for your organisation to join Reading Force, all you need to do is register and allocate one person to become a Reading Force Ambassador. 

Once your organisation has registered, we’ll send you a free Reading Force Resources Pack. This includes specially designed scrapbooks and stickers for Service children and families, and a poster and guide booklet for staff working with Service children. Our resources, materials and posters can also be downloaded from this website to help you promote Reading Force. 

Every playgroup, nursery or pre-school setting requesting the Reading Force Little Ones scrapbooks will also be sent two free picture books for their own library.

Every family who finishes a scrapbook and sends it to us to look at receives a certificate and a free book. They are also automatically entered into the Reading Force Scrapbook Competition for the chance to win other great prizes. We return scrapbooks by recorded delivery for the family to keep as a special memento.

If you have any questions please have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions or send us an email

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