Will your school be Red, White & Blue this October?

//Will your school be Red, White & Blue this October?

On Friday 10th October 2014 pupils in over 600 schools in the UK will be showing their support for soldiers, sailors, airmen and their families, by dressing up in Red, White & Blue and donating £1 each.

Red, White & Blue Day is held every year and 2014 is set to be the biggest yet. If your school isn’t registered yet it’s not too late to get involved! Simply go to www.redwhiteblueday.co.uk to register.

Your school can celebrate Red, White & Blue Day this Friday or on any other day before 30th November. Each pupil donating £1 is raising funds for Service families.



Make your mark

– As well as dressing up schools can mark the day with special activities. One school in Kent asked pupils to save their copper coins throughout the summer and then built a wall of pennies in the assembly hall. The wall raised a lot of money for the campaign.
– Get an insight into Service life and invite a member of the Armed Forces or a veteran to come and speak at your school. Some soldiers have brought their kit into schools and asked teachers to try and carry it.
– Have a school bake-off and cake sale in your school and invite parents for coffee and cake.
– Make up your own fantastic fund-raising idea!

This term, registered schools will receive a lesson plan about frontline lunches. Patty Wallis, organiser of Red, White & Blue Day, comments: “We hope that this will give pupils an insight into the conditions that our Armed Forces on the frontline had to endure. Spam and dried biscuits are a far cry from the lunches they now have in school.”

A short film accompanies the lesson plan, and features pupils from Rencomb College, Gloucestershire, recreating what life would have been like in the trenches and preparing meals from wartime ration packs.

Red, White & Blue Day is jointly run by ABF The Soldiers’ Charity, RAF Benevolent Fund and Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity, working together for every Service family. The money raised will be split between  the three charities.

For more information, to register, and receive a Welcome Pack, go to: www.redwhiteblueday.co.uk





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