Where are you from?

//Where are you from?

Hi! I’m Emma, I’m 27, a Pad Brat and I will be writing a monthly blog about reading and Forces life. To tell you a bit about my background: my Dad was in the Army, he joined the Light Infantry for almost thirteen years before joining The Royal Logistic Corps in 1995. Currently he’s working at 237 Bde Sp Sqn RLC. My Mum and brother work for West Midland Reserve Forces & Cadets Association and I’ve spent some time in Cadets as a teen and later worked at the RFCA also! So we’re still pretty embedded in Forces life!

My main passion has always been with literature. I did my undergrad degree in English and Theatre, my Masters in Writing for Children and currently I work as a School Librarian. In this blog I hope to marry up the two halves of my life: my Forces background and my love of reading for the awesome charity Reading Force.

But where am I from? That’s a tricky question I imagine many of you are familiar with.

Growing up in the Forces with my brother (now 21) and sister (now 28) I never really got asked “where are you from?”. I don’t even remember asking other people. I suppose in our lifestyle we just assume that everyone is from somewhere else and that’s all. When my Dad left the Army and my family and I returned to civvy life, I soon discovered that this is a more frequent question.

So, I would respond with, “Do you want the long version or the short version?” The long version: “I’m was born in Germany but then moved to Winchester, Tidworth, Cyprus, Colchester, back to Germany (but a different place), Wiltshire, Germany again (another new place), Preston, York, Birmingham and finally settling (though maybe not forever) in Stourbridge.” Short version: “I’m from the internet” (probably the place I spend the most time!).

My response created some interesting discussions about why I’d travelled so much and what my life was like, though sometimes it’s hard being a “third-culture kid” and feeling like an immigrant in your own country. Luckily, books don’t judge. I’ve always been a reader and in this blog I intend to talk about the books that I read growing up (and still read now) that helped me with the constant moves, separation from parents, adjusting to civvy life and books which I generally enjoyed and recommend.

Today though, I will round off my blog premiere with a bit more about me, so here are a few favourites:

Book Genres: Children’s Literature and Horror
Books:  Up on Cloud Nine by Anne Fine, and Sammy Keyes Mysteries by Wendelin Van Draanen
Song: At Last by Etta James
Colour: Purple
Film: Uptown Girls
TV Show: Dance Moms
Cuisine: Mexican
Holiday destination: Anywhere hot
Forces Barracks: Anyone with a PX!
Place I’ve lived: Wiltshire, Harsewinkel and Preston

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