Just to let you know we’re still open for business…

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The Scott siblings opening Reading Force post

I’ve had a familiar feeling in my stomach for the last week or so, as we prepare for the arrival of something we can’t see but know is coming. Talking to my Reading Force colleagues this morning, I suddenly realised what it was – the feeling I always got when preparing for an unaccompanied tour. It’s a combination of emotions: uncertainty, knowing that I wanted to hold my family close; having enough resources to support us all and keeping us thinking about anything other than a long separation. And all the while feeling as if I was watching myself go through the motions, on autopilot.

If you are feeling similar things as you prepare for Covid-19, we are pleased to tell you we are very much still open for business. Indeed many Forces families have told us that using Reading Force is the ideal way to maintain contact with their disbursed families, and particularly grandparents. Reading the same book can keep you in each-others’ minds and hearts, even if you can’t be physically together.

And if you’re at home with the kids, what better time to get stuck into a book together and scrapbook – this is the link to request them.

As for us at Reading Force, Hattie, Elaine, Fiona and I have committed to reading the same book before our next meeting – we decided on The Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton, which none of us had read, but which apparently always gets a nostalgic response when we offer it to families. If you want to join us, here’s a link to get your copy. I went for the one that offered the whole series.

Happy reading all, love Alison.