Summer holiday reads for all ages

//Summer holiday reads for all ages


Need some inspiration for books to share during your summer holidays?

Read on to discover more…




Ages 4 to 7


What the Ladybird Heard on Holiday
 by Julia Donaldson 

A brilliant new adventure for the clever ladybird, who with the help of some very noisy zoo animals must interrupt her holiday to stop the Queen’s crown being stolen.


Gracie Grabbit and the Tiger by Helen Stephens 

Gracie is going to the zoo with her dad, but there’s a problem – her dad’s a robber! She must stop him spoiling her day, and luckily a friendly tiger is on hand to help out.


Are We There Yet?
By Dan Santat 

A boy is travelling to see his grandma and the journey is taking forever. But suddenly he has travelled back in time to the age of the dinosaurs. Has he arrived or is he dreaming? Hugely enjoyable, original and inventive.



Ages 7 to 11


The Bolds on Holiday
 by Julian Clary

The hairiest family in Teddington go camping in Cornwall with their extended family. The Bolds have a very big secret – will they be able to keep it hidden while away? This is an hilarious page-turner.




My Evil Twin is a Supervillain
by David Solomons

If a twin sounds fun, think again, this one is super-powered and from another dimension. This new adventure from the ‘My Brother Is A Superhero’ series is very funny and imaginative.



Dragon Rider
by Cornelia Funke

A magical adventure which takes readers on the journey of a lifetime. Jump on the back of the dragon and be taken to places humans cannot see.



Grandpa’s Great Escape
by David Walliams

Jack’s Grandpa wears his slippers to the supermarket and often doesn’t remember Jack’s name, but he can still take to the skies in a Spitfire and save the day. Beautiful story about the bond between a boy and his beloved Grandpa.




Ages 11 to 14


The Mystery of the Jewelled Moth
by Katherine Woodfine 

Sophie and Lil put on their disguises, follow a trail of secrets, and mingle in high society to solve a case. Will they catch London’s most dangerous criminal?




Face the Music
By Mariane Levy

Katie Cox never meant to become a popstar but now her first concert is just days away. She found her voice online, but can she face the music in the real world?




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