Reader review – Demolition Dad by Phil Earle

///Reader review – Demolition Dad by Phil Earle
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Demolition Dad
Author: Phil Earle

‘Demolition Dad was about a wrestler named George Biggs and his son called Jake Biggs. He was named Demolition Dad for wrestling as he worked as a demolition man who knocked down buildings. Secretly, Jake entered his dad in a competition to wrestle in Las Vegas against the Tsunami Terror who was the best wrestler of them all. But Jake thought he was second best as he thought his dad was the best, but he was wrong because the Tsunami Terror absolutely destroyed the Beefeater. He was renamed the Beefeater by Arnie his coach for the Las Vegas match. When he came back home to England he was too sad to go back to work so his mum had to go back to working as an air hostess which she enjoyed. Jake and his friends ended up getting stuck in a old tower when his dad was out at a taco shop. So he was watching TV when he saw a crowd outside of the building they were stuck in. So George jumped in his truck and rushed over to the tower building and went in grabbed all the children and ran out to safety just before the building collapsed. His dad was sorry for being so sad and they went back home happy and he was able to go back to work so that mum could come back home more often. I enjoyed reading the book Demolition Dad with my Mum and Dad.’

Connor Grace, 9

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