A life long love of books

//A life long love of books

We’re delighted to welcome author Amanda Prowse as this month’s guest blogger.

I grew up in a house without books – apart from The Littlewoods catalogue and a copy of a Haynes car manual!

My parents were young and working hard to support their four children and I don’t think they had the time to read at home. The day I was given my first library card was the day my life changed. I was six and remember learning about the Dewey decimal system and being told that I could choose not one, but a whole stack of books to take home. It felt like such a privilege to be trusted with this most precious thing.

This was only the beginning of my love affair with books. As a child who moved around a lot and as the wife of a soldier where we also enjoy a rather nomadic existence, books have been my saviour and my friends. They are my escape and my educators, my hobby and my career.

I am nearly fifty and the joy I feel when I have an unread book in my palms is exactly the same as it was when I was small. Similarly, if I don’t have a book (or more accurately a pile of books) waiting to be read, I feel a slight sense of panic! Diving into another world that provides escape from the stresses of life has always been one of my greatest pleasures.

I am an avid reader – and for me there is no greater joy than finding a fellow bookworm with whom I can discuss books and reading. Some of the happiest times I have had, have been chatting to strangers on trains, buses, planes or in the supermarket queue about books!

Books have been a wonderful way to connect with my sons over the years, now, I am interested to hear what they have been reading, but when they were little, the joy of sitting them on my lap and reading to them, as they helped me turn the pages and asked questions about the stories… ah, these are golden memories that I will always treasure.

Being married to a soldier, I love the service Reading Force provides – encouraging Service families to share books and talk about them as a way to stay connected when apart because of deployments or living far away from extended family, and simply as a way to have fun, share, and chat when at home altogether. As a booklover, Service mum and wife, this really resonates with me.

Growing up, every time i read a book, I would think, I WISH I had written that or I can do better than that! But it wasn’t until I was in my forties and my husband was on tour in Iraq that i decided to try and put a pen to paper. Six years later, I have written twenty best selling novels, my books have been translated into dozens of languages and I am the UK’s most prolific fiction writer. My life is like a fairy story and it all started with entering a library for the first time and picking up a book…


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Poppy Day is looking forward to her best year yet. She’s thirty-two, married to her childhood sweetheart, and a full-time mum of two gorgeous children. She loves her clean little house in the countryside – a far cry from the London estate where she grew up. Her husband Mart, a soldier, has just returned safe and sound from his latest tour.

But Poppy is so busy caring for others, she hasn’t noticed the fatigue in her body, or the menacing lump growing on her breast. If there’s anyone strong and deserving enough to defeat cancer it’s Poppy. After all, she’s fought harder battles than this. But does like really work like that?

Happy Mother’s Day!


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