Announcing an opportunity to consider the practicalities of writing a memoir – for anyone involved with the military

//Announcing an opportunity to consider the practicalities of writing a memoir – for anyone involved with the military

Saturday 20th July, The Rifles Museum, Romsey Road, Winchester, 1-4pm

If you have had a connection with the military, whether serving, reservist, veteran or you are from a military family, the chances are that your life has been very interesting. You will have lived through politically significant times, whether at home or internationally, and the domestic consequences will likely be just as interesting as the realities of active service.

So how was it living abroad during a time when communication home was limited to letters (or blueys)? How did your children manage long separations? How did you find leaving the military and adapting civilian life? Did the recent D-Day memories make you think about stories you inherited – that need capture before they get forgotten?

If you have thought about how the memories you hold will carry on – and be accessible to your family and friends in future – we invite you to join us on Saturday 20th July in Winchester.

“I often wish I’d asked my father more about his military service during the Second World War. By the time I thought about it, it was too late. As I married a soldier, knowing how the experience was for him would have been really interesting.” Alison Baverstock MBE, event chair.

We will spend an afternoon considering all aspects of memoir writing, including:

  • Whose story is being told? Yours or that of a family member? Who else do you need to consult before you start? Are there any associated ethical issues to think about?
  • How do you want it to be shared in future? There are lots of options from seeking to work with a commercial publisher to managing a small print run yourself, just for your family? What are the advantages and disadvantages and how can you decide which to go for?
  • How can you get started on writing – and keep going? What hints and tips can be shared?
  • What other resources might you need? For example, you may find it useful to locate – or negotiate access to – family photographs and other key documents that are certainly stored (but where?).

We will offer range of speakers: those who have managed the process themselves; those who have worked with others to help them do this; those who will help you consider the practicalities and responsibilities involved. We will show samples of projects for you to review, and offer guidance and advice throughout the afternoon.

Practical details:

The afternoon will be hosted by Professor Alison Baverstock, an expert in independent publishing (and a military wife). Alison is the founder of the military charity

Tickets cost £20 each, including all resources on the day, refreshments, and a free ebook on how to write a memoir. An accompanying carer is entitled to a free place (but needs to register for a ticket).

For more information on the day, and to book, please see our Eventbrite page:

For press enquiries, to make sure a key area of interest is covered, or to ask other questions, please contact 07765 934435