What’s new for Summer ‘22?

//What’s new for Summer ‘22?

Hi everyone, I’m Nicola Hill and I am delighted to have been warmly welcomed into the Reading Force team as Book Club Ambassador.  

  Another story please Mrs Hill …

As an Early Years and Key Stage 1 teacher, I have been sharing books and encouraging reading for pleasure with the children in my class for many years. Story time was the highlight of the day with my class, and I am excited to share my passion for reading with others through our Reading Force community.

I am looking for volunteer coordinators to set up book clubs in military communities. You could be a spouse/partner, serving personnel, Welfare Officer, Community Development Officer, Choir Leader, Service Children’s Champion …  

Our book clubs are tri-service for serving personnel, spouses/partners, veterans, reservists and military children (juniors age 8+ and seniors aged 12-16/18yrs).  

If you are overseas, we can post to BFPO addresses. 

Throughout the pandemic, our online book clubs were created in military communities all around the world, and they continue to remain just as popular. Some of our book clubs are online, others are meeting in person, and several are choosing to continue beyond the three free books from Reading Force (be sure to check back here in the coming months for some great ideas on how to keep your book club going).

Why run a book club?  

A book club can help people feel more part of their community, building a strong sense of connection and reducing feelings of isolation. Reading the same book can also connect people for longer than a telephone call or chat online. 

With a great selection of books available to our members (for free!), there will be something for everyone at your book club. We often receive feedback from book club members about how much they have enjoyed reading a book they wouldn’t normally chose.

Book clubs are a great addition to your social calendar. They are low key, inexpensive and a great way to have lots of fun.

Get in touch to find out more about how I can support you to set up and run a book club – nicola@readingforce.org.uk or call on 07519 665410.  

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