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How your organisation can join in

Resoures Pack700x262Reading Force usually takes place at home with the family, but an introduction to the scheme and encouragement to take part is often given by teachers, group leaders, welfare workers, SENCOs, Parent Support Advisors, ELSAs, librarians and other professionals who support Service children. 

The most effective way to run Reading Force in a setting is for one person to be nominated as a Reading Force Ambassador. Anyone working with Service children can be a Reading Force Ambassador. You could be a teacher, SENCO, librarian, pastoral care officer, group leader, or HIVE manager. You do not have to be in the Services yourself. You will be our contact and may distribute Reading Force materials within your organisation or setting. Become a Reading Force Ambassador

Once your organisation has registered we’ll send you a free resources pack which will include materials for Service children and families. You can also download posters and leaflets from this site to promote Reading Force in your setting. Every playgroup, nursery or pre-school setting requesting the Reading Force Little Ones scrapbooks will also be sent two free picture books for their own library.

Introduce children and families to Reading Force and tell them how they can take part. This can be done in a school assembly, during a coffee morning, a group meeting, in an after school club, at a library event, or in any other capacity appropriate to your organisation.

Tips for promoting Reading Force

  • Display posters on notice boards and in meeting areas
  • Send leaflets home to parents with a covering letter
  • Hand out scrapbooks, or make them available to collect from a designated place such as the school library
  • Create book displays with Reading Force and your own recommended reads
  • Promote the scheme in your newsletters and on your website
  • Hold a family event like a tea and biscuits afternoon
  • Organise an author visit - talk to us if you'd like us to help you organise it
  • Involve the children in Service children's clubs such as HMS Heroes
  • Run a scrapbooking club, or include in SEAL meetings, encouraging and helping children to be creative

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