‘My Forces Life’ Art Competition Winners!

//‘My Forces Life’ Art Competition Winners!

‘My Forces Life’ Art Competition Winners!

From the Under 4s to Adults’ entries, once again the Forces community have amazed us with their immense creativity and power of expression. We would like to say a heartfelt thanks to everyone – little and large! – who submitted their art, it has been a privilege to see your work. We would also like to thank our sponsors who made this competition possible: Bolt Burdon Kemp, Nosy Crow Children’s Books, and Daler Rowney. Finally, thanks to our esteemed judges who have chosen the winners with great care.

Our panel of judges have now chosen the winners in each category and shared their thoughts…

Under 4s – winners chosen by Mini Grey

First Prize: THIS IS MY DADDY by Reggie

“This is such a lovely warm portrait. I love the details Reggie has included: the aircraft and especially those wonderful maps Reggie’s Daddy is holding. It’s a fantastic picture of an Armed Forces life.”

Second Prize: DADDY AND DEL by Delilah

“I love the vibrant riot of colour and brushmarks, and the warmth and contrast of the two hands from the same family, hand in hand.”


“I loved the colourful drawing in this picture and especially Lily’s handling of the helicopter and it’s nice that there’s an animal in the family too!”

Highly Commended: PORTRAIT by Elspeth

“I thought this was a lovely bit of painting.”

Highly Commended: MY DADDY by Olivia

“Glorious colour and paintwork!”

5-7 Years – winners chosen by Olaf Falafel

First Prize: US AND OUR FORCES by Olive and Aria

“Loads going on with some lovely messages and a striking composition – I love it!”

Second Prize: DEER IN BLOSSOM by Evie

“Excellent paint technique – magical!”

Third Prize: MILITARY WORKING DOG by Bertie

“This one just made me smile so much!”

Highly Commended: WALKIES BEFORE WORK by Maggie

“Colourful and positive – well done.”

Highly Commended: NIGHT by James

“Moody, atmospheric and energetic – beautiful.”

8-11 Years – winners chosen by Cressida Cowell

First Prize: HOME TO HOME 2011-2023 by Sophia

“This is a very creative concept and really brings home one of the aspects of military family life and the passage of time. I found this drawing very moving. Congratulations!”

Second Prize: MY DADDY by Brooke

“The confidence and love in this drawing as well as the attention to detail was remarkable. You could feel the pride that Brooke feels when she’s thinking about her daddy.”

Third Prize: PROUD TO SERVE by Emily

“A really skilled, beautiful drawing with so much detail in the art, with the palace in the background, and I particularly liked the touching detail of putting the name tags on the soldiers’ uniforms. What a stunning drawing.”

Highly Commended by Olaf Falafel: STARRY NIGHT by Jamie

“I’d have this one on my wall!”

12-14 Years – winners chosen by Tony De Saulles

First Prize: SAYING GOODBYE – SAYING HELLO – by Phoebe

“It is such a simple but powerful idea to show the emotions of leaving and returning and lovely to include the best bit of a parent being absent for some time — the joyful reunion! In short, I found this artwork honest and rather moving. Well done, Phoebe!”

Second Prize: SAD SAILS by Ella

“Giving the artwork a name somehow makes it all the more powerful. This is a rather melancholy but nevertheless skilful creation. Ella is a talented artist and I would encourage her to keep going with her art.”

Third Prize: MY FORCES LIFE by Lexie

“I have chosen Lexie’s mixed media artwork. It illustrates the home and away aspect of forces life in such a colourful fashion and I love that Lexie has included the name of her Dad or Mum’s ship!”

15-18 Years – winners chosen by Natasha Reneaux

First Prize: A BEAUTIFUL DREAM by Lucy

“The warmth that comes from your painting is stunning and very captivating. It has a strong feeling of happy times, watching the red arrows and you have done this through the use of dream like colours. You have given fantastic attention to detail with the Red Arrows light and shade on the aeroplanes, their size and formation, it was beautifully put together.”


“It was nice to see so many elements and the 3D effect of the map, it gives a degree of texture. Your picture gives a real sense of how much travel you have done with your family and the importance of relationships. The bright colours you have used feels like your time as a military child has been a warm and happy one.”

Third Prize: KING CHARLES by Poppy

“It’s lovely to see that you have been inspired by The Kings Coronation in this creative abstract painting. Your use of colours is very striking and I like the process you went through to get to your final piece and the level of detail to create an imaginative portrait of King Charles.”

Adults category – winners chosen by Eleanor Taylor

First Prize: RELOCATION by Anna

“A well-deserved 1st Prize to this slightly surreal vision of the Chinook helicopter as it lifts off with a pocket of giraffes from the east African savannah. It reinforces the message that the forces are often present in regions that require help in a number of ways, from peace keeping to protection. Every conflict has wide ranging effects that impact the economies, ecosystems and environments. This painting is a reminder that being in the armed forces is a chance to play a role in offering security to vulnerable parts of our planet.”


“This collage talks about three generations of one family in one piece of work. I am touched by the fact that the artist is showing herself as a niece, daughter and mother. It is interesting to see the little details such as the old portraits, medals and stamps. It makes me want to know more about the generational family links to The Royal Navy.”

Third Prize: REMEMBRANCE by Lee

“A beautifully hand-crafted poppy scene which is a poignant symbol of remembrance. I like to think that the process of making art draws us closer to the people we have lost or want to pay tribute to and imagine that the maker has found peace in the act of creating this lovely work.”

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