My daddy’s away but he reads me a story every day…

//My daddy’s away but he reads me a story every day…

A child being able to hear the voice of their parent who is posted away from home is very precious and helps them feel closer. Story

book Waves makes this happen by recording Royal Navy and Royal Marines parents reading a picture book story for their child.

Then a team of specially trained volunteers adds a soundtrack to make a personalised CD that the child can listen to over and over and whenever they want. Families who have made Storybook Waves CDs joke that they get listened to so much they are the only CDs to get worn out!

At Reading Force we’re big fans of the Storybook Waves CDs and so we’ve partnered up with the brilliant Storybook Waves team. From now on each Naval parent who records a Storybook Waves CD will be offered a free picture book and a Reading Force Little Ones scrapbook at the point of recording. Having a picture book, Storybook Waves CD, and scrapbook can enrich the child’s experience of the story and encourages them to share it with the rest of the family, at home or away.

Many Naval families have told us they found sharing books a great way to stay connected and feel closer. For example, Royal Navy Dad Jim Reed used Reading Force while he was away from home to keep in touch with his two young daughters. He wrote in an e-bluey, “I am missing you all so much but love hearing all your voices when we read together…Send me a video and I look forward to talking and reading with you on Skype soon. Love you my darling girls, from xDaddyx.”






To celebrate this partnership author and illustrator of the Sir Charlie Stinky Socks series (a popular choice for Storybook Waves recordings), Kristina Stephenson, told the story of Sir Charlie Stinky Socks and The Pirate’s Curse to the children of Little Whale Nursery, Portsmouth, with puppets, songs, and a giant book to boot!

Storybook Waves is free for all naval personnel who are deployed or away from home for a long time.

Reading Force is free to all Service families, Reservists, Veterans and their friends and family, at home and away.



We know from everything that families tell us that sharing stories helps them stay in touch, and so now, children can listen to their Storybook Waves CD, follow the story with the picture book, and fill in their Reading Force scrapbook.

Parents can record their Storybook Waves CD and receive a Reading Force scrapbook and picture book by contacting their local Chaplaincy or HIVE, or by email:

Storybook Waves is run by the naval charity Aggie Weston’s, and this partnership is also generously supported by funding from the Royal Navy Royal Marines Charity and Annington Homes Trust.


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