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There are two different scrapbooks for families, one for the under 5s and one for all other ages from reception aged children to teenagers. The activity is the same for both – family members share a book, talk about it, and fill the scrapbook with thoughts about the book. Anything can be included in the scrapbook, photographs, drawings, writings, e-blueys, notes from Skype calls or text messages.

If you are a family, choose which scrapbook you would like and register to take part. If you have children under 5 and over 5, you can request both types of scrapbook. It's free for organisations and settings to take part in Reading Force. Register your organisation online and you will receive a pack of resources to promote Reading Force to the Service children and families you work with.

preschool materials 280x160

Reading Force for little ones
(under 5s)

Little ones scrapbooks have fewer lines for writing and more white space for infants’ drawings and doodles. The scrapbook is brighter and designed to appeal to little people as they begin to explore books with their carer or family. Inside the scrapbook is a FREE PICTURE BOOK postcard voucher.

Resoures Pack265x150

Reading Force for 5+

The Reading Force scrapbook for primary age to teens has a mix of lined pages for writing and blank pages for drawings, for all the family to contribute. Additional pages can be added. Inside the scrapbook is a FREE BOOK postcard voucher.

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