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"The scrapbook was a great motivator, thank you"


The Bryson family were living in Germany when they first took part in Reading Force.

Jasmine chose Daisy and the Trouble with Life by Kes Gray as her first Reading Force book. Her mum set up a Facebook page so Jasmine could communicate with her family members living in different countries – including England, the Falkland Islands, America, Norway, Spain, and Australia. Jasmine even messaged the author Kes Gray and included his reply in her scrapbook!

Jasmine wrote in her scrapbook, ‘Mummy set up a Facebook group for me so that my friends and family can see my reading progress. I love their comments. As you can see, they live all over the world!’ Her fantastic scrapbook includes a map, drawings, photographs, comments from other family members and friends, and notes about the book – even a drinking straw and a dib-dab packet!

Jasmine’s mum said at the time Jasmine was finding it quite hard living in Germany and that doing Reading Force and using the scrapbooks was helpful: “The scrapbook was a great motivator, thank you. We would love to do it again and have just finished her free book.”

Location: Germany    Service: Army


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