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"A fantastic way to connect with family.. who are a long way away"


“We are the Donohoe Family, Dad Tom, Mum Fiona and Georgia who's eight. We've always read to Georgia from the time she was a tiny baby and now she has a love of books all of her own.

Dad was in the army up to a year ago, and although he is not away for the long stretches he often was when a soldier, we find we are still a long way from family because of being a military family, and this is where Reading Force has meant a lot to us.

We've entered the competition twice, and won a prize both times! The first time was with the help of Georgia's aunty Roisin from Ireland, we asked her to read Roald Dahl's Esio Trot with us and discovered that it was a favourite of hers when she was a child. The second time we entered, we read the The Hodgeheg by Dick King Smith, a funny book given to us by Georgia's Nana, who was our choice this time to read the book with.

We loved the funny story, the drawings and even found out some interesting things about hedgehogs we hadn't known. We were delighted to win with our entry, and Nana made the special trip over from Tipperary to come to the theatre in London as our prize.

Reading Force is a fantastic way to connect with family and friends who are a long way away and who you miss, it is such an easy thing to do, so enjoyable and who knows you might even win!”

By Mum, Fiona Donohoe

Location: Hampshire    Service: Army


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