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Frequently asked questions

Here are some questions we get asked a lot about Reading Force – we hope you find the answers you’re looking.

  • “Why should my family do Reading Force?” Open or Close

    Reading Force brings families closer together. The scheme is for all Service families and friends, nationwide, and taking part is free, fun and easy. Whether you are at home together or separated by deployment or training or for other reasons, all can join in.

  • “Is Reading Force only for families separated by deployment or can families at home take part?” Open or Close

    Reading Force is for all Service families and your group can include civilian friends. Taking part will be a different experience for different families depending on circumstances. In families where a parent is away, doing Reading Force gives you something to share and to talk about on the phone, in emails, and over Skype. For families who are together it can be great to turn the TV off and spend time sharing a book. Most families, at home and away, have said the best thing about taking part was that they loved doing an activity together.

  • “Is there a best way to read the book?” Open or Close

    There is no best way. This is up to you and your family. If there are young children in your family you may want to read a picture book to them. Older siblings could read to younger brothers and sisters. You could take turns to read chapters out loud to one another. You may all want to read the book alone then gather together when you’ve all finished it to talk about it. Older children can read to a parent over Skype, and a parent to a child or children.

    You may also want to listen to an audio book recording of your chosen book. Why not try out a combination of ways?

  • “We haven’t done a scrapbook before – how do we get started?” Open or Close

    You’ll find a few simple headings inside the scrapbook to get you started. But you don’t have to follow these and can create your own headings and even stick paper onto the pages if you choose. If you take a look at our Scrapbook Gallery you’ll get some ideas and inspiration.

  • “Is my scrapbook for school or home?” Open or Close

    The scrapbook is for you and your family to complete. Whilst we ask schools to hand out Reading Force scrapbooks and give you support if you want it, this is not a school project.<br />Don’t forget you can ask your school friends and neighbours (they don’t have to be in the Services) to join your group.

  • “What can we put in our scrapbook?” Open or Close

    Anything! You can draw, doodle, write, and stick things in your scrapbook. You may want to include photographs, reviews, emails, e-blueys, text messages, and notes about the book. Many families include photographs of the family reading together, drawings of characters in the book, new ideas for the book’s cover, glitter, stickers, e-blueys from parents overseas. It’s great if everyone in your group can contribute something, no matter how small. Remember, the scrapbook will be yours to keep, and it will be a lovely thing to look back on in future.

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