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We are here to help military families!

The Covid-19 crisis has been challenging for everyone and particularly so for parents and carers schooling children of different ages at home and finding activities to keep children entertained.

At Reading Force we’ve been doing our bit to help out – by sending free books and scrapbooks to over 3,000 Forces children so far – providing a constructive activity during lockdown, and a great way to keep in touch with deployed loved ones and wider family.

“Not very long ago I heard about Reading Force and signed up my four children. On Saturday we came home from our first day out since lockdown and there was the most exciting and wonderful delivery from you for us!! I was so surprised, and delighted. Thank you so much from all of us, and especially from my four very happy readers!! We have made a start on some of our scrapbooks!”

To join in the fun, simply fill in the request form with the names and ages of each child and we’ll send them books and scrapbooks. Don’t forget to tell your friends too

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How one family have used Reading Force to keep them connected during lockdown


Looking for inspiration?

Get some top tips for scrapbooking from a Reading Force mum


Catch up with how the Blakesley family used books when they were stranded, far away from home


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You can enter completed scrapbooks into our competition!

All entries into our competition receive a prize of a book and a certificate. Simply post your scrapbook using the FREEPOST envelope inside the scrapbook. Scrapbooks will be returned to you by registered post.

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“My daughter won in the draw for the free book. Her copy of Hetty Feather arrived yesterday and she was delighted. I am struggling to keep her in books at the moment with the libraries closed so this was a real treat.”

“During this lockdown because of covid-19 this book brought us laughter, quality time spent together and a fun activity to do at home. We are very grateful to be part of Reading Force. Thank you!”

Free book download

We know that it’s been hard for our families – all over the world – to get hold of books in lockdown. So we have some great ideas for you to access free books online.

We’ve partnered with Pigeon Hole and from 12th June you can receive the first chapters of The Dog Who Saved the World (9+) by Ross Welford – and then every other day you will be able to read new chapters. If you start late or miss a day, it doesn’t matter as the chapters will all be there for you to access.

All you have to do is use this link to join the book club, then download the Pigeon Hole app when prompted, and then you’ll be ready to read.

“Hi everyone!  I was delighted to learn that my book, The Dog Who Saved The World, has been selected for distribution by the Reading Force team.  It is an honour to be able to support such a worthwhile programme at a difficult time like this.

My stories all feature brave, resourceful children solving huge problems, with a bit of mystery and science thrown in as well.  This story is about a global pandemic, which I wrote before coronavirus: you might have fun spotting things that I guessed right, and things I got wrong!  (And in case you were wondering – spoiler alert – it does have a happy ending!).

I truly hope you enjoy it. With sincere thanks to British forces families worldwide.
Ross Welford”

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Listen to author Tom Palmer reading his book D-Day Dog to his dog Finn

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“I am proud to have worked with Reading Force families in schools and on bases in the UK and abroad. I hope this story – inspired by a British Army friend of mine – will be a great read for Forces families to read and listen to together.”

Listen to Cressida Cowell reading How to Train Your Dragon

Listen to other chapters

Welfare and community services, schools and nurseries – we can help you too!

If you support military families then we’d love to send you Reading Force scrapbooks for you to distribute. Many welfare, community and charity workers, have been including Reading Force scrapbooks in their lockdown activity packs. Schools and nurseries have been giving out scrapbooks to their Forces children, and telling parents about us in their newsletters and updates.

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and share our posts to help more families to hear about us.

Our FREE initiative is available to those serving, reservist, veteran, and injured personnel and their families – whether at home together or separated by deployment or training or for other reasons. Please include within your online communication and newsletters information that Reading Force is available to them, whether their children are staying at home or returning to school.

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“Joe and Jade finishing their books – mum and dad will read them next! Scrapbooks will be in the post! If you look you can see the abandoned switch games console swapped for a good book – a book they wouldn’t have chosen themselves and would never have read if not for Reading Force!”

Other useful resources

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“Our pack arrived the day after daddy left for a while and we didn’t know when he would be coming back because of the coronavirus…

We were all a bit grumpy until our books and scrapbooks arrived. We don’t know when we will speak to daddy next but we will read him our new books when we do.”