“We tell our Dad about our books when he’s away”

//“We tell our Dad about our books when he’s away”
“We tell our Dad about our books when he’s away” 2018-09-28T15:50:33+00:00

Project Description

The Fleming family have done Reading Force several times, reading their books, talking about them with each other, and filling scrapbooks.

Dad is in the Army and away during the week at a different Army camp. This year, sisters Honey (8), Brooke (11), and Poppy (14) each sent off the ‘free book postcard’ in their scrapbooks and received books they enjoyed, and they each entered a scrapbook into the Competition.

Poppy included this wonderful cartoon in her scrapbook of the journey of a Reading Force book from being sent out by us to being delivered by the postman.

The sisters have a Cloud Pet and communicate with their dad using the pet, (it allows them to record short messages and for dad to pick the messages up).

Brooke says: “I like reading together because we can share ideas and opinions. At home me and my sisters each read our own books. We tell our Dad about our books through our Cloud Pet.”

Mum says: “We loved sitting down together in the evenings to read. We also had a lot of fun doing the scrapbook together. Chatting about the book and discussing what to write. Thank you so much. There needs to be some positives to being a military child – it can be so hard at times – your reading initiative is a lovely thing. Thanks again.” Mum Fleming

Location: Cambridgeshire Service: Army