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Project Description

Adelle, ELSA and teaching assistant at Sandringham School, set up a Reading Force group for six Service pupils at the school. They all read and talked about Horrid Henry Meets The Queen and shared their thoughts on the book. The group met for 30 minutes every Thursday, during teaching time, because the Head Teacher felt it was really important to support the emotional literacy of the school’s Service pupils and that doing Reading Force was a brilliant way of doing so.

All six children completed a Reading Force scrapbook and entered the competition. They have continued to meet every Thursday because they really felt the benefits of getting together regularly and found it a lot of fun. They continue to look forward to these sessions and regularly ask if it’s Thursday yet! They are planning to do Reading Force again in September.

‘Dear Reading Force,
Thank you so much for the opportunity to run a reading force group within our school. It has been a great success allowing myself to get to know the pupils better and for them to form friendships with each other. It has been super for them to share their experiences with each other.
Yours Thankfully,