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Wolf brother
Author: Michelle Paver

Wolf brother – a book of ancient times – clans, hunting, and a young boy with powers he does not know. His life is ruined when a great black demon bear kills his father, taking the boy (Torak) and his father by surprise. In one great blow, his strong father is on the floor, bleeding, and the bear disappears as quickly as it came.

Hopelessly, Torak dresses the deep gash, but his father resists, knowing he is done for. In his last moments of life, he hands his son his knife, and gives Torak a quest – a quest to find the mountain of the world spirit. He says this will save everyone – Torak refuses, knowing it is impossible to find the mountain.

‘Your guide will find you,’ he manages to say, ordering Torak to leave, to head north. Hopeless and guilt-ridden, he leaves his father to die.

In his first few days of the journey, Torak makes many mistakes, and has many close calls with death. He forgets the simplest rules for survival in the forest, depressed about his father, or as he used to call him, ‘Fa’.

And then a wolf cub comes up to him, trying to make friends. Torak dismisses it with anger, but it is relentless – he almost decides to kill it.

And then he discovers an astonishing thing – Torak is able to talk to the wolf! With a new mindset, he gives the cub some food, and soon develops a relationship. When he starts his journey again, the cub seems to know the right way.

Your guide will find you, Fa had said.

I loved this book, it is different to all others – none are set at such a long time ago, and often the ways that the characters do things are real life tips for survival.

I rate Wolf Brother five stars easily, and I encourage everyone to read it.

Sam, aged 12

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