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Varjak Paw
Author and illustrator: SF Said and Dave McKean

(Warning – spoiler alert!)

This book delves into a cat’s perspective, plunging into the world of dark alleys. Varjak is a Mesopotamian Blue, who is obsessed with the ancient skills of his ancestor, The Way. Although he has lived a life in a gilded cage of luxury, this cat is determined to find his own way in the World. When the owner of the cats falls ill and is restricted to her bed, a man named The Gentleman comes to feed the cats.

Because Varjak believes that the Gentleman is up to something sinister, he ventures into the world to find help. He faces cars, dogs and even other cats in his quest, but is accompanied by some loyal friends along the way. His friends come to respect him as he learns The Way, guided by Jalal, his mysterious ancestor, in his dreams.

Though his friends rarely speak about it, he learns that Sally Bones, an infamous gang leader, is demolishing cats fast. And Varjak needs to stop her. The plot thickens in its sequel, The Outlaw Varjak Paw, where more of the city is being claimed by the gang leader. Varjak must face Sally Bones in one-to-one combat. It is believed that she is knowledgeable of The Way as well

I liked: the creative ideas of the writer

I disliked: nothing

Rating: 5/5

Ammar, aged 10

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