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Tintin in America Book
Author and illustrator: Her

This comic book is one of 24 in a series by Her, but it doesn’t fail to be the most page turning of the set. Based around the time of the 1800s, this book captures the realism of how gangsters ruled the city. Out of all of them, this is the first, so Tintin hasn’t met any crime fighting allies yet that you might know. It doesn’t matter if you read them in order or not. The writer has a consistent sense of humour, but often it is mildly dark. The vivid brightness of his characters, characteristics and art envelopes one into a world where only Tintin, his friends and the avidly created villains exist. I would not advise you to read Explorers on the Moon, Destination Moon, The Castiafiore Emerald or Red Rackham’s Treasure, because these don’t have many sustainable villains. Some villains are mentioned two or three times in different books, but only occasionally.

Rating for a comic: 5/5

Albert, aged 10

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