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Pigheart Boy
Author: Malorie Blackman

We take being able to walk, to run, even to be able to get up the stairs easily for granted. We should be able to. But one boy, Cameron, has a problem with his heart, since a viral infection he caught two years ago, and has worsened ever since. It stops him from swimming, diving, playing football – and of course he is an easy target for bullies.

The infection grows to a point so terrible that he has at most a year left to live – no one will talk to him, they look away when he attempts to talk about his lifespan. On top of this, his caring parents are always arguing about what is best for Cameron. Although he knows they mean well, it is almost impossible to life with.

And then his Dad invites a doctor, specialising in transgenics, the transplantation of one animal’s organs into another. He says Cameron could have a chance to live, if he accepts a dangerous, controversial, never-done-before plan. To have a heart transplant. But not a normal transplant.

Cameron decides to have a pig’s heart switched with his infected one.

He only tells one friend (Marlon) – he keeps it secret from all the others. But will Marlon be able to keep his promise? – or will he tell everyone, exposing Cameron to the relentless press, and ruining his relationships with people that think the pig heart will change him.

This book is good, the language is simple – it is all about the story. It also teaches good life lessons – I rate it four stars. Definitely worth a read.

Stanley, age 12

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