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Kidnap in the Caribbean
Author: Laura Marlin

(Warning – spoiler alert!)

Throughout the series, Laura Marlin begins as an orphan with a passion for reading, is adopted by her distant uncle and stops many crimes attempted by the devious Straight A gang, an international crime organisation.

In the first book, Laura finds her loyal friends who stay with her for the rest of her adventures, including Tariq, another orphan, and Skye, her dog. She delves deep into her uncle’s mysterious past concerning the Straight A gang.

The book I have chosen to write about today is Kidnap in the Caribbean; it is no exception to the excitement and mystery of the whole series.

Laura, accompanied by her companions, is offered a luxury cruise in the turquoise waters and sparkling white sand of the Caribbean.

Once she is on board ship, the sinister things just keep happening. It looks as if the attempts on her and her uncle’s life will eventually succeed. Just offshore of the island Antigua, her uncle is kidnapped and Laura is arrested. Near the end of the story, Laura comes to a face-off with her enemy gang, where her uncle Calvin Redfern is being held hostage.

In the shadow of a volcano, Laura faces her most difficult challenge yet…

I liked: the action and plot build up

I disliked: The confusing change of settings

Rating: 4.5/5

Leo, aged 10

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