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//Arco the Bossy

In this blog Royal Marine & Children’s author Tom Cornner shares the inspiration behind his children’s book Arco the Bossy…

My journey as a children’s author wasn’t planned, it was whispered on the breeze of bedtime stories and fuelled by the imagination of my own children. From their earliest days, I found myself captivated by the worlds they built through drawing and imaginative play. This draw to the fantastical, coupled with my own artistic childhood, steered me towards fiction, where strange creatures and fantastical landscapes could come alive.

The inspiration for the Greebs series, however, bloomed closer to home. Witnessing my son navigate the challenges of school life – the triumphs, the stumbles, the ever-shifting emotional landscape – ignited a fire within me. I saw how each obstacle offered a multitude of paths to overcome it, a lesson that resonates deeply with every child as they blossom. These personal encounters, brimming with diverse emotions, became the foundation of the first book, and the series of books became a tapestry woven with threads of friendship, courage, and the bittersweet tang of childhood anxieties like shyness and jealousy.

Lockdown presented the unexpected opportunity to embark on this literary adventure. With pen in hand I poured my heart into the first story, Arco the Bossy, simultaneously sketching the vibrant scenes that would populate my self-published debut. The path wasn’t without its hurdles, as I, a Royal Marine with no prior knowledge of the publishing world, had to navigate unfamiliar territory. But armed with perseverance, attention to detail, and the unwavering support of my family, Arco the Bossy was born.

This journey, from bedtime whispers to published pages, is a testament to the power of imagination and the unwavering support of loved ones. It’s a story not just about the Greebs, but about the courage to chase dreams, no matter the obstacles, and the joy of sharing fantastical worlds with the young minds who inspire us the most.

Arco the Bossy, the first book in the Greebs series (for children aged 4-8) by Tom Cornner, is now available to buy:

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